Redskins Position Breakdown: Tackles

Posted on July 09, 2014 by Dan Tart

For years, many Redskin fans have been disappointed over and over again with the offensive line play. 

Then, during RGIII's rookie campaign, it seemed if they might have figured out things with that unit. Well, one season later and we are still looking for answers in the front five, er...maybe front four.

Redskins offensive line hits the sleds during practice

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Current Roster Tackles:

-Trent Williams

-Tyler Polumbus

-Tom Compton

-Morgan Moses

Trent Williams continues to be the cornerstone of the Redskins front 5

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Trent Williams

By far the most stable tackle in camp, Williams is the cornerstone at left tackle for what we hope to be many years. 

Starting 55 of his 56 games played in the NFL, the fifth-year man has played like one of the best at the position, earning Pro Bowl births the past two years. 

The 6'5" 337lbs. monster from the University of Oklahoma has proven his no. 4 overall pick status ever since hitting the practice field in Ashburn. 

Don't look for the talented Williams to take 2014 season off. Protecting Griffith's blindside and making holes for Alfred Morris will remain his focus as he dares anyone to try and get some. 

Tyler Polumbus looks to certify the right side of the Skin's o-line this year.

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Tyler Polumbus

The man with probably the biggest question mark would be sixth-year man Tyler Polumbus.

As a journeyman lineman throughout his career, Polumbus has played at tackle and guard as a fill in for the team. This year, as the incumbent at right tackle and in a contract year, look for the University of Colorado standout to set out to prove a point. 

Last year wasn't dubbed as one of his better years as he made two tackles, which despite the name of the position is NOT the goal of the position. But, then again, not many besides Williams could've received much praise on the Skin's o-line. 

Many following Washington's offseason workouts so far have pointed out that Polumbus looks to be the starter headed into week one as his experience and understanding of the pro game has set him apart from the younger tackles on the squad. 

With cash on the line and a rookie more than likely pushing him for playing time, look for Polumbus to come into his own and push his 6' 8" frame to the brink of its limits. 

Tackle Tom Compton looks to surprise coaches this year

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Tom Compton

Second year man Tom Compton looks to be a late round draft pick from two years ago that hasn't fully reached his potential. 

Cut after the 2012 training camp and then signed to the practice squad that year, Compton was promoted to 53-man roster late in the season but has yet to start a game in the burgundy and gold. 

With a lack of depth at the position, Compton could earn another roster spot as a back up just in case something happens to the starters along the year.

Morgan Moses

Can't say many thought this guy would still be there in the third round of this past NFL draft. Can say, many Redskin fans are glad he was.

Moses is a tackle that has all the attributes that could make him a stud in this league. His 6"6", 318 frame and quick athletic feet could lead the rookie to challenging Polumbus for the right tackle starting position. Could you imagine having Moses and Williams as bookends for years to come?

The University of Virginia grad was at one point projected to go in the late first round of the draft and rated as one of the top tackles. Starting 42 games at UVA, Moses had most his time on the right side (30 starts) compared to the left but has shown capabilities on both sides if needed. 

Jay Gruden has already said "he's got a ways to go," when it comes to starting in the NFL but many draft experts were comparing him to Ryan Clady while he was at Charlottesville. I think plenty of Washington fans would be satisfied with that.


With Williams on one side, we can only hope someone can step up on the opposite end. Don't look for Moses to be thrown into that role right away as they need to groom him into an NFL caliber tackle. 

Polumbus has shown to be serviceable and at times pretty decent. But, as we have seen from 2012 and 2013, RGIII's legs can make offensive lineman look really good, or, REALLY bad. 

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