Pierre Garcon interviews Jay Gruden

Posted on January 12, 2014 by Adam Bradley

Photo Credit: FoxSports

Since agreeing on a deal to become the Washington Redskins next head coach, Jay Gruden has been on a media tour like a rockstar promoting their new album. 

I'll admit, I'm liking Jay Gruden more than I was a week ago. 

Of all the interviews, his appearance on FoxSports has been my favorite interview thus far.  With Pierre Garcon in the Fox Studios, Gruden showed some elements of wittiness, humor and his realness in the interview.

Garcon was allowed to ask one question and asked his new head coach: "when do we have to show up?"  To which Gruden replied: "shouldn't you be running routes or lifting weights, seriously, get out of the studio and go run a route." 

That's the best.  

Gruden reiterates RG3 will be and IS the starter and much more.  Watch here: 

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