Redskins Republic is now Hail Republic

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Doug Ramey

What in the Hail has happened here? Redskins Republic is now Hail Republic? Yes folks, your eyes are not deceiving you. The official Redskins site and podcast of the Ball Hogs Radio Network will now be known as Hail Republic moving forward.

Perhaps you may be asking the questions “why did they change the name,” and “did they change the name because of the Redskins name controversy?” I’m here to answer those questions for you.

The name was changed because the Washington Redskins contacted the BHRN and asked us to change the name due to copyright laws. The Redskins have copyright laws that entitle only them and certain entities to use the name Redskins. BHRN has been working on re-branding and renaming our site and podcast since the Redskins reached out to us. The Redskins were very cool with us during this process and all went well during the transitioning.

In no way did we switch from Redskins Republic to Hail Republic due to the Redskins name controversy. While every member of BHRN may not be 100% in favor of keeping the Redskins name, as a majority we support the name Redskins and will continue to support the team as well as the name.

Nothing else will be changing. You can expect to have great and unique Redskins coverage from our bloggers and podcast team. We’re only going to do it better than ever.


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